Glazed Tofu

1/2 cup tamari sauce or Bragg Liquid Amino
1 T molasses
2 tsp. peanut, sesame, olive, or canola oil
1 T lemon or lime juice
Salt and black pepper (unless used in baking)

One pound baked tofu

Combine all ingredients except tofu. Pour over one pound of baked tofu in large skillet, medium heat. Move skillet around to coat tofu and keep it from sticking. Cook until sauce is syrupy and tofu is shiny with glaze. Stop cooking before it gets sticky.

If you don't have baked tofu handy, you can pan-dry tofu. Follow directions for baked tofu, but use a non-stick skillet instead of cookie sheet. You may need to use canola oil to keep tofu from sticking. Pan-dried tofu is not as chewy as baked tofu.

Commercial barbecue sauce, Thai peanut sauce, and Hoisin sauce also glaze tofu nicely.

Reprinted with permission

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